Famous LEGO Fans

LEGO isn’t just for the average Joe – there are plenty of famous LEGO fans across the globe.

Whether these famous AFOLs (Adult Fans Of LEGO) are part time dabblers or full time brick nerds is not always clear, but we’ve gathered all the information we can find to present to you the ultimate list of celebrities that seemingly love LEGO.

List Of Famous AFOLs

Dave Grohl

Famous LEGO fan Dave Grohl on The Kelly Clarkson Show

None other than the frontman of the Foo Fighters and “that drummer guy from Nirvana”, a self confessed awkward nerd, it’s no surprise that Dave Grohl is a famous LEGO fan. In his book The Storyteller, he mentions his love for LEGO (actually, he says “LEGOs”, but we’ll ignore the minor faux pas), and talks about a trip to the toy department of Harrods in London:

Admittedly, I soon found myself trapped in the LEGO section, fawning over the giant selection they had to offer, trying to decide if I should join in on the challenge or remain a conscientious objector. I have always had a weakness for LEGOs, I confess. Ever since I was a child, they have always been my favorite toy.

Dave Grohl, The Storyteller

Later in the book, and in an interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the long-haired rocker talks about how he sees music composition in his mind as LEGO bricks:

…I could spend hours upon hours building castles, cars, and other geometric structures, just for the simple reward of knowing that I had done it myself. I was borderline obsessed in my youth, so much so that part of my “seeing” music is seeing individual parts of songs as blocks of LEGOs…

Dave Grohl, The Storyteller

Sadly Dave isn’t on social media, so you’ll just have to imagine the kind of sets he’s into. I’d put money on the LEGO Ideas Fender Stratocaster being somewhere near the top of the list.

Daniel Radcliffe

Famous AFOL Daniel Radcliffe building LEGO Jurassic Park T Rex Rampage

Daniel Radcliff is best known as being star of the Harry Potter movies, based on the amazing book series by JK Rowling. He has also starred in some excellent movies since, and had a cameo in The Simpsons.

Daniel confirmed on The Late Show that he spent two weeks isolating in the US (after travelling from the UK) working on LEGO Jurassic Park T Rex Rampage. Having been in isolation myself I can tell you it gets pretty boring, and LEGO burns time like there’s no tomorrow, the perfect way to get through it!

I guess he was sick to his bones of LEGO Harry Potter, which was why he opted for a Jurassic Park set.

David Beckham

Best known for his time at Manchester United and as an England midfielder, David Beckham seems like a true famous AFOL. Since retiring from football, Becks and his wife Victoria Beckham (none other than Spice Girl “Posh”) have become one of the most famous couples in the world.

He gets totally savaged by his wife on Instagram for liking LEGO, but still carries on building, basically in a world of his own and completely ignoring her. We’ve all been there, right?

Like a true BrickDad he also uses the excuse of “it’s for my daughter” for spending all day working on LEGO Hogwarts Castle. Good on ya Becks.

Celebrity AFOL David Beckham building LEGO Technic Land Rover

From social media, we can see Becks has built at least:

Brad Pitt

Chris Pratt

Not only is Chris Pratt the voice of Emmet, the star of both of the LEGO movies, he has also posted some pretty funny videos involving his own minifigures on his Instagram. Very meta.

Emmet and Rex Dangervest in the LEGO Movie 2, featuring famous AFOL Chris Pratt.

Zoe Ball

Best known as the host of BBC Radio 2 Breakfast show, daughter of 80s TV legend Johnny Ball and former wife of none other than dance music legend Fatboy Slim, Zoe Ball confirmed via a photo in January 2021 that she had built LEGO Ideas 123 Sesame Street.

LEGO Ideas 123 Sesame Street, as built by famous AFOL Zoe Ball

Eagle-eyed viewers will also notice the corner of LEGO Creator Expert Assembly Square in the photo…

built all the lego, ate all the chocs, watched all of @BBCiPlayer & @NetflixUK – def time to get back to the @bbcradio2 breakfast show. Alarm set. Tomorrow live from 6.30am #breakfastclub

Tweet by @zoetheball on Twitter

Orlando Bloom

Much like fellow Brit David Beckham, Orlando also gets savaged by his wife Katy Perry for being a famous AFOL. During lockdown in 2020, she confirmed as such in an interview with Sirius XM’s The Morning Mash Up:

We have a LEGO room in our house. It was a TV room and now it’s a LEGO room. He gets these LEGOs which are super hard to do, like the model cars and stuff and he’ll make those in two days and then he displays them on the wall. It’s like a championship LEGO wall.”

Orlando is perhaps better known as Legolas (ha!) in the Lord of the Rings movies, Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, and Will Turner in Pirates Of The Caribbean – the first two of which have been made into minifigures of their own.

Basketball fans will know Myles as the Indiana Pacers power forward, standing at a massive 6ft and 11inches! Less well known outside of the US, the home of the NBA, Myles is definitely a famous AFOL and worthy of being included in our list.

Myles Turner

Whilst he may spend most of his days playing basketball, he’s no stranger to building a bit of LEGO in his spare time.

He was recently pictured cradling LEGO 10294 Titanic in his arms. As impressive as it looked, unfortunately one of the ship’s turrets was attached backwards. Oops.

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