LEGO Gift Ideas That Aren’t LEGO Sets

What do you buy the LEGO fan that has everything? I’m often asked what I’d like for a gift; the answer is LEGO, obviously. However, the response is usually “Ugh, LEGO, again?”. As much as this amuses me, it’s nice to give generous people some LEGO gift ideas that aren’t LEGO sets.

This is our ultimate guide to LEGO gifts for fans of all ages, split into different categories. You’ll find funky storage solutions, books, trip ideas, and even some personalised LEGO gifts for LEGO lovers that has LEGO everything.

LEGO Storage

Don’t get me wrong – we love LEGO. But there’s nothing more painful than standing on LEGO, or being surrounded by it in every single room in your house. LEGO storage gifts are great for helping out a LEGO fan whilst also showing to their partners/parents that you’re trying to help, not make their problem worse!

LEGO Storage Brick

Available in a two, four and eight stud version, a multitude of colours, and with or without drawers, the LEGO Storage Bricks are great for keeping all your LEGO bricks in one place. They’re also stackable, and fit both LEGO and Duplo.

Red LEGO Storage Brick
Two StudsFour Studs Eight Studs
Without Drawers£12.95
(Amazon, Zavvi, IWOOT)
(Amazon, Zavvi, IWOOT)
(Amazon, Zavvi, IWOOT)
With Drawers£19.99
(Amazon, Zavvi, IWOOT)
(Amazon, Zavvi, IWOOT)

LEGO Storage Head

Available in multiple style variations and measuring 25cm (10 inches) wide, the LEGO Storage Head is perfect for keeping small-sized LEGO collections under control and in one place.

Yellow LEGO Storage head
Available fromAmazon, Zavvi, IWOOT

Really Useful Scrapbook Drawers

Despite the fact they have a name that sounds like they’re completely unrelated to LEGO, Really Useful Scrapbook Drawers are actually perfect for LEGO storage when combined with the equally-as-amusingly-named Really Useful Hobby Trays. The drawer and tray combo can be stacked up to nine high, and are perfect for arranging larger LEGO collections.

Price£17.45 (2 drawer unit) – £62.59 (9 drawer unit)
£4.66 (hobby tray insert)
Available fromAmazon, Really Useful Products

LEGO Instructions Organisation

This might seem like a gift that’s as dull as dishwater, but organising instructions is the bane of every AFOL’s life. It’s not fun or particularly cool, but instructions kept organised and in good condition are worth their weight in gold. Furthermore, most LEGO fans burn all their cash on LEGO rather than organising it, so this one should go down a storm!

Price£17.45 (ring binder folder)
£4.66 (plastic popper folders)
Available fromAmazon – folders, wallets


Every person on the planet owns a mobile phone, a tablet or some other digital way of reading books. Buying someone a real book is a treat, and if you can combine buying that real book with the LEGO theme? That sounds like the perfect non-LEGO combination.

The LEGO Ideas Book

The Dorling Kindersley LEGO Ideas Book is packed full of tips from expert LEGO builders. Containing both models and tip designed to inspire young builders to create their own ideas, there’s something for everyone here.

Available fromAmazon

Personalised Search-And-Find LEGO City Book

A reincarnation of the famous Where’s Wally (or Waldo if you’re in the US) books, these personalised LEGO City search-and-find books are great for both young and old LEGO fans. Containing 24 full-colour pages containing a minifigure of your creation, they’re guaranteed to keep the recipient busy for hours!

LEGO City Personalised Search-and-find book, on a wood background with scattered LEGO bricks
Available fromPenwizard

LEGO Official Annual 2022

The LEGO Annual is a gift perfect for younger LEGO fans, chock-full of stories, activities, puzzles and games to keep them occupied. It also includes a minifigure for the recipient to build which technically excludes it from this list…but we’ll ignore that minor detail as it’s a great book!

LEGO Annual 2022
Available fromAmazon


Legoland Tickets

The ultimate gift for a LEGO fan, LEGOLAND in the UK is based in Windsor, just west of London. All LEGOLAND parks across the globe are run by Merlin Entertainments (the people behind other attractions such as Madame Tussauds and The London Eye) so sadly it’s not a gift for a small budget, wherever you are in the world. However, it’s definitely worth the money spent!

LEGOLAND Windsor entrance, with people queueing

NB: LEGO VIPs (sign up on if you haven’t already done so) can claim discounted or free LEGOLAND tickets with VIP points, depending how many they have.

PriceFrom £42 per person
Available fromLEGOLAND


Nothing says you love something more than wearing it emblazoned across your chest! LEGO clothing is always a great choice for a LEGO gift idea that’s not LEGO.

Evolution of Man T-Shirt

Confession time – my wife bought me this as a birthday gift, and I love it! Available in six sizes and sixteen different colours, you’ll definitely be able to find a combination for the LEGO fan in your life.

Blue Evolution of Man LEGO t-shirt
Available fromAmazon

Next LEGO City T-Shirt

Confession time number two – I bought this t-shirt for my son, and I love it. I’d probably buy my own if they did it in adult sizes! Featuring all of your favourite LEGO City characters, including Corn Cob Guy – what more do you need?

Next dark navy LEGO City t-shirt
Price£13-£16, depending on size
Available fromNext


The LEGO Group have produced many movies – the two core movies (which are both excellent, by the way) as well as a number of LEGO theme movies. LEGO Batman, LEGO Ninjago, the list goes on. Either way, it’s unlikely the recipient of your non-LEGO gift has seen them all!

The LEGO Movies

Is buying physical media a thing any more? You can be the judge of that – but what we do know is that the two LEGO movies are definitely worth a watch and are available on DVD and Blu-ray.

PriceFrom £4
Available fromAmazon – LEGO Movie, LEGO Movie The Second Part, The LEGO Movie Collection


The LEGO gift ideas that aren’t LEGO sets in this category don’t really fit anywhere else, but absolutely shouldn’t be passed over.

LEGO Water Bottle

My kids seem to go through water bottles at a rate of knots, they get lost, dropped, chewed or broken! These LEGO water bottles by Room Copenhagen are great – they come in loads of different designs and include a cover to stop your dog licking your kid’s water bottle when they’re not looking.

Room Copenhagen Blue LEGO water bottle with cap
PriceFrom £4
Available fromAmazon

LEGO Lunch Box

Room Copenhagen produce these awesome LEGO brick lunch boxes in four different colours. Perfect for younger LEGO fans who want to carry their lunch in style, but can also double up as a small LEGO brick transport device.

Red Room Copenhagen LEGO lunch box with blue carry handle
Price£15-£16, depending on colour
Available fromAmazon

LEGO Minifigure Mug

What better way to show everyone how much you love LEGO than drinking your tea every day from a LEGO mug? Available in minifig yellow or minifig yellow, tea will never taste the same again.

Available fromLEGO

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