LEGO Titanic 10294 Revealed – and it’s massive!

In LEGO’s competition with, well….itself – to produce the largest LEGO set known to man – today the Danish geniuses have have unveiled a new set from the Creator Expert range – LEGO Titanic 10294.

LEGO Creator Expert Titanic 10294 Full model

A sea-dwelling behemoth of gargantuan proportions, LEGO Titanic sails in at a ridiculous 9090 pieces and measures 135cm long. Just let that one sink in (sorry) for a second – one hundred and thirty five centimetres. That’s 53 inches to those of you that prefer imperial measurements – the biggest LEGO set ever produced.

LEGO 10294 Titanic and a lady looking at it whilst walking down a staircase
That moment you realise you bought an enormous house just to keep LEGO Titanic on display

It also floats into second place for the biggest LEGO set in terms of parts, only topped by LEGO 31203 World Map. The difference here however, is that there are lots of different pieces in LEGO Creator Expert Titanic, and not just 11000 studs stuck onto plates to make a pretty picture.

Be honest though – we struggle with finding places to display favourite sets at the best of times. But 135cm? This puts LEGO Titanic firmly into “it’s me or the LEGO” territory with our better halves. Amusingly LEGO claim it’s the “ultimate conversation piece” – except I’m not sure the conversations will be quite what they hope for.

Titanic movie scene where Jack and Rose are hanging onto a sheet of debris in the sea
“Jack, I told you. We don’t have the space for it.”

How big is LEGO Titanic 10294?

According to, 10294 Titanic is 135cm long, 44cm tall and 16cm wide. The set is the largest (by dimension) ever made.

How many pieces in LEGO Titanic 10294?

LEGO Creator Expert Titanic consists of 9090 pieces, the second largest set by piece count LEGO have ever produced.

Do you want it? Of course you do.

LEGO 10294 Titanic costs a credit card bending £569.99, €629.99 or $629.99 depending on region, and is available from the 1st of November. Read the official press release over at

Will you be buying LEGO Creator Expert Titanic? Do you have a house big enough to display it? Let us know in the comments!

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